You are currently viewing The Ssum – Phone Call Timetable [Update: 2023/08/20 Harry Phone Call Table Link]
The Ssum - Phone Call Timetable

The Ssum – Phone Call Timetable [Update: 2023/08/20 Harry Phone Call Table Link]

This post introduces the Phone Call Timetable of The Ssum. Including whether there is an incoming or outgoing call, and the requirement to unlock the calls.

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About The Ssum

The Ssum is a mobile game made by Cheritz. If you want to learn more about The Ssum, please read the page: [TBD]

Official websites and SNS: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler
Download: Android, iOS

The Ssum – Phone Call Timetable

In The Ssum, there would be an incoming call from Teo, or you can call Teo.
However, sometimes he would not pick up the phone. Or, sometimes it needs to pick a specific choice to unlock the phone calls.

Therefore, in order to save everyone’s batteries (lol), it is the phone call timetable and requirements 🙂

This is the dashboard.
The green is the incoming call from Teo, and the orange is the outgoing call to Teo. If there is no call, then it would be marketed as “-“. Also, if the phone call has some specific requirements, then it would be shown in red and the required response is also recorded in the sheet.
Feel free to add comments to the sheet!



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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Kirai

    Hi! The links aren’t working for me, so I’m a bit confused right now. It just shows me the same timeable with the same links. Could you try to fix this? Much love and appreciation though!! 🙂

    1. Iju Hsu

      Could you specify which link you are mentioning?
      But if you mean the link to each day on the dashboard, if it doesn’t works for you, you can still click on the bottom tab to find the table you are looking for.
      I tried both the link and the bottom tab and these are both working.
      Hope it helps you.

  2. Chuu

    Hiii mine not working too I don’t why when I click It just shows me the same timetable , I don’t know it just my phone or what .

    1. Iju Hsu

      Hi Chuu,
      not sure what’s the problem cuz it works for me on both laptop and android phone,
      but let me hide it first and figure out how to deal with it!

  3. Grace

    Hello, I have one question now that Harry is out. Do you have any plans on creating his own Timetable?

    1. Iju Hsu

      hello Grace,

      Thank you for asking! Yes I will do it but I plan to finish Teo’s route first, cuz switching the character is not as easy as i expected.
      I still have 95 days with Teo, so… Harry’s walkthrough will start after that haha.

  4. Shela

    Hello, Iju Hsu! Thank you so much for the calling schedule for Teo’s Route! I really referred to your entry from the day 1! ^^
    I do have a question since I’m a bit lost here (we have 10 days if not more time difference for Teo), for day 125 and 126, I noticed that the title are the same “Press Like, Please!”, is it right? Or maybe accidentally written?
    Wish you could respond to my question, thank you so much. And have a good day!! ^^

    1. Iju Hsu

      Hello Shela,
      OMG thank you so much for pointing it out! Yes I made a mistake so the title since 126 were all wrong…. I changed it back, hope it works!!!
      Thank you so much <3