You are currently viewing The Ssum – Infinite Universe and Planets [Update: 2023/01/02 Momint Planet]
The Ssum - Infinite Universe and Planets

The Ssum – Infinite Universe and Planets [Update: 2023/01/02 Momint Planet]

This post introduces the Infinite Universe and Planets on the LEFT homescreen of The Ssum. In short, the Infinite Universe is a place to interact with users all over the world, and each planet has different functions.

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About The Ssum

The Ssum is a mobile game made by Cheritz. If you want to learn more about The Ssum, please read the page: [TBD]

Official websites and SNS: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler
Download: Android, iOS

The Ssum – Infinite Universe and Planets

Infinite Universe is positioned on the LEFT homescreen of The Ssum. From the present stage, I am still not sure whether this function is related to the overall story of Teo; so if you just want to enjoy the interaction with Teo, you can consider skipping this function.

However, there are several Trivial Features related to these planest, so if you want to unlock them (see more: The Ssum – How to Unlock Trivial Features), you still need to participate it, but you can use the limited resources and energy to do that lol

So, what is the Infinite Universe?
It is an online forum where you can post various posts and interact with players all over the world 🙂

The Ssum – How to Unlock the Infinite Universe?

There are 8 usual planets and 1 seasonal planet in the current stage.
In order to unlock them, you need to use the Incubator on the RIGHT homescreen, to change your [energy] into [emotion] or [frequency].
You can unlock the usual planets by using [emotion] and use [frequency] to unlock the seasonal planet.

Therefore, it is quite important for you to earn energy and use Incubator to “hatch” them.
You can view all your [frequency] and [emotion] from the Data Search, or you can check the dashboard directly.

Before further introducing each planet, let me first share the benefit of playing the Infinite Universe.

  • You can earn more [energy] by writing a post on Free Emotion Study of the Day every day.
  • You can earn more [energy] by giving support to others.
  • You can unlock Trivial Features so that you can get [energy].
  • You can get free Creatures and Batteries after your planet is upgraded.
  • You can earn new titles and profile photos.
  • You can get gifts from players.

Not bad, huh?
Also subjectively, you can also:

  • Learn more about yourself.
  • Have a place to interact with others.
  • Make friends – (P.s. I’ve already received many warmhearted messages;))

But before playing the Infinite Universe feature, please remind yourself:

It doesn’t matter how much support you can get.
If you only get few support, is not your fault. There are so many posts generated at the same time, so your posts must be pushed in a very hidden place.

Because you can still get the benefits above by simply Writing a Post or React to Others, don’t pressure yourself 🙂

BTW, if you found me on any of these planets, feel free to say hello to me, I’ll be very happy to meet you haha!
Apart from planets that are anonymous, I all use Iju to post/react 😉

The Ssum – Free Emotion Study of the Day

Before introducing the Infinite Universe, I want to introduce Free Emotion Study of the Day first.
You can check it on the LEFT homescreen, presented in a big journy-like icon.

You can post a free post regarding today’s topic every day, and you can earn 10 [energy]!

Also, you can sent supports to others, that will sometimes give you free [energy] as well.
If you are not subscriber, you can give 10 support to others; if you are a subscriber, then you can have 2 free posts + 15 support!

So remember to write your post on the Free Emotion Study of the Day every day!
(To see more To-Do list, can check: The Ssum – Quick Walkthrough)

Teo’s reply

Also, if you click on the Free Emotion Study of the Day, you might see Teo answering the question!
You can click the “Mix” button on the bottom of the homescreen, and his reply usually lies on the last one. If you didn’t see it, just click Mix again! As shown below:

If you want to check Teo’s past response, you can check the Dashboard.

City of Free Men

  • Unlock planet requirement: Freedom to Be Bored *20
  • Type: Public forum
  • Goal: Discussing forum categorized by the topics
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Create a new Lab: Freedom to Be Bored *100 [unlock Trivial feature]
    • Create a new study: Freedom to Be Bored *50
    • Create a content: Freedom to Be Bored *30
    • Support others: Freedom to Be Bored *1
    • Bored dealer: Freedom to Be Bored *99

The city of Free Men must be the first planet that everyone unlocks because the Freedom to Be Bored is really easy to hatch.
The City of Free Men is like an online forum so that you can choose the topic that you’re interested in and chat with others.

You can explore the Lab, or just simply write content in Today’s Free Study and earn some support 😉

I also open a Lab called Fun Findings of Ssum, if you are interested, feel free to join 😀 A lot of players writing awesome tips in the lab!
Sometimes I’ll also update the tips or easter egg in the Lab. Feel free to join and interact with others 🙂

Btw, you might also meet the Bored dealer, he will ask you to make an unfair deal (paying 99 Freedom to Be Bored).
When you reach Lv. 3, then you can click the battery on the top bar in the City of Free Men and you will meet him again.

Usual Planets

Canals of Sensitivity

  • Unlock planet requirement: Wings of Sensitivity *20
  • Type: Public forum with a stage name
  • Goal: Expressing your feelings or writing novels. You can follow certain writers
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Compose a new post: Wings of Sensitivity *5
    • Change stage name: Wings of Sensitivity *10 [unlock Trivial Features]

As its name, the Canals of Sensitivity is a place to share your feelings or publish your creation.
Unlike other planets, you can use a stage name to present your work. You can also follow the writer you like 🙂

There are 3 major forums here.

  • Canals of Free Sensitivity: to share random thoughts
  • Writer’s Canals: to publish stories, novels, poems
  • Reader’s Canals: to recommend a post of writers

Just freely browse this place. You can also share your random feelings (I usually share my feelings while playing The Sssum lol)

Root of Desire

  • Unlock planet requirement: Strong emotions *20
  • Type: Public forum
  • Goal: Share the desired things, such as your goal or your dream
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Compose a new post: Strong emotions *15

In the Root of Desire, you are able to share things you want to get, achieve, or dream about it.
If the desire is what you can do about it, it will ask you when will it achieve. If not, then you just type your wishes in it.

Archive of Sentences

  • Unlock planet requirement: Realizations *20
  • Type: Public forum
  • Goal: Share special sentences
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Compose a new post: Realizations *15

In the Archive of Sentences, you can view good sentences from others and give them support.
The system will ask you to check whether the sentence have never been published before.

Milky Way of Gratitude

  • Unlock planet requirement: Gratitude *20
  • Type: Public/Private journal
  • Goal: Record your gratitude every day
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Create a diary: Gratitude *15
    • Write a diary: Gratitude *?
  • Notes: You need to update your gratitude diary every day, otherwise the next time you want to write it, it takes extra Gratitude emotions.

The Milky Way of Gratitude is a place to record things that you feel you’re thankful.
Unlike other planets, this planet only allows you to write one diary per day.
And it encourages you to write it every day. If you stop writing for a day, it might cost more emotions next time.

I quite like the design, so I just write it down every night to record everything I feel gratitude for! It makes very happy 🙂

Mountains of Wandering Humor

  • Unlock planet requirement: Best Jokes Ever *20
  • Type: Standup Comedy (?
  • Goal: Sharing jokes
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Post a joke: Best Jokes Ever *15
    • Give applaud/gift/burn/dump to the joke: Best Jokes Ever *1

In the Mountains of Wandering Humor, you can see a joke. If you like the joke, give an applaud or a gift to the writer; if you don’t like it, just burn or dump it.

You can also write down your jokes so that others can give you support 🙂
But remember, you need to give a reaction so that you can see the next joke.

Bamboo Forest of Troubles

  • Unlock planet requirement: Puzzles in Relationship *20
  • Type: Anonymous forum
  • Goal: Sharing your troubles and seek suggestions
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Write a post: Puzzles in Relationship *15

The Bamboo Forest of Troubles is an anonymous forum where you can freely share your thoughts or problems, including human relations, work, studies, and life.

Because it is anonymous, feel free to express anything you want (I share some posts regarding my work and advisor lol)
Other players are also generous to share their thoughts or solutions, so it’s a really warm place 🙂

Archive of Terran Info

  • Unlock planet requirement: Wall of Reason *20
  • Type: Public forum
  • Goal: Sharing good suggestions, information, and tips
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Write a post: Wall of Reason *15
    • Reply: Wall of Reason *1

If you want to learn more about the tips of The Ssum, I highly recommend you to browse the Archive of Terran Info.
I also spent a lot of time here giving suggestions or writing some tips (of course, you can find me in some posts ;)).
Rather than the City of Freeman, I prefer Archive of Terran Info because it just takes 1 emotion to reply (but I felt that the City of Freeman is more organized lol)

You can also find useful life tips here!

Seasonal Planet

Seasonal Planet needs to be unlocked by using [frequency].
The first seasonal planet is Vanas. And when you move to Day 30, then you will reach to the next planet, Mewry.


  • Unlock planet requirement: Frequency Vanas*30
  • Type: Private
  • Goal: Record positive/negative truth about yourself
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Add positive/negative truth: at least 20 Frequency Vanas, and need to give up half of the Frequencies Vanas you possess
    • Reviews on Negative Truth: Frequency Vanas*5

Vanas is a private place where you can record your inner self, especially the positive/negative truth about yourself.

When you write down the positive truth, then when you log in to the game the next day, they will ask you to review how people acknowledge this positive truth of you.
(btw you can unlock a Trivial Feature by adding 3 Positive Truths, see more: The Ssum – How to Unlock Trivial Features)

As for the negative truth, write down something that is negative about yourself.
But when you use the feature of Reviews on Negative Truth, the app will help you to seek whether the negative truth is really negative. Or it’s generated from externals?

I quite like the concept to help us self-reflect on ourselves. And it is a place where it’s private and you don’t have to reveal to others. Therefore, be as honest as possible.

If you do the reflection every day, then you might get a random visions, object, location, or magic 🙂

Here is the visions that you can get:


  • Unlock planet requirement: Frequency Mewry*30
  • Type: Private + Public
  • Goal: Record your pains and try to bandage your pain. Support others.
  • What can I do on this planet:
    Explore Pain (Private): 15 Frequency Mewry
    Bandage for Heart (Private or Public): 15 Frequency Mewry
    Universe’s Letter Box (Public): Frequency Vanas*5

When you reach to the 30th day, the seasonal planet will move to Mewry.
On the Mewry, you can explore your pains, and try to find a way to fix it. You can talk, encourage or comfort you in the past.
If you are willing to share your “Bandage for Heart”, then it will post it in the Universe’s Letter Box, everyone can see it and give you support 🙂


  • Unlock planet requirement: Frequency Crotune*30
  • Type: Private
  • Goal: Record your dreams
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Add the dreams you have: 10 Frequency Crotune
    • Reviews the dreams you have

Crotune is a planet that you can record your dreams and reviews them every day.
Compared to other planet, it is easier to level up because it is a self-reflect planet.
After you record your dreams, PiuPiu will help you to evaluate what is the reason stop you to achieve you dreams.
I think it is quite a good way to remind myself 😉


  • Unlock planet requirement: Frequency Tolup*30
  • Type: Private
  • Goal: Grow your own Spirits!
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Plant seeds: 10 Frequency Tolup
    • Evolve your spirit: 10 Frequency Tolup

Planet Tolup is my favoirte planet so far! You can grow your own spirit 😀
After you planet a seed, in every stage, you don’t have to spend any frequency, unless you’re going to evolve your spirit.

The criteria for spirits are different, I will write the walkthrough when I have free time 🙂


  • Unlock planet requirement: Frequency Cloudi*30
  • Type: Public + SNS
  • Goal: Start a 1:1 conversation with friends on The Ssum!
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • First match everyday: Free
    • Pass a match: 1 Frequency Cloudi, 2, 3, and so on
    • Start a conversation: 10 Frequency Cloudi
    • Support your friend’s comment: 3 Frequency Cloudi

Planet Cloudi is a 1:1 conversation matching platform. After you write down your interests or personalities, the planet will help you to match a friend that you might like.

After matching and starting conversation with them, you don’t need to use any frequency.

If you are quite shy, you can use PASS and spend your frequency.


  • Unlock planet requirement: Frequency Burny*30
  • Type: Public
  • Goal: Write down the subjects of your past passion, and give suggestions to others.
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Record of burned thoughts: 10 Frequency Burny
    • Open an adive: 3 Frequency Burny

This planet helps you to record down your past passion and give advices to others. On the countrary, you can also read others advices.
I am a little bit hesitate because sometimes my stop pursuing my passions means I don’t know how to proceed, but why should I give advices to other? lol
But it is a good place to learn more new things and others interets 🙂


  • Unlock planet requirement: Frequency Pi*30
  • Type: Private
  • Goal: Wheel of fortune
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Spin the pie: 10 Frequency Pi

This planet is just a wheel of fortune XD
You can spend 10 frequencies and get some rewards, including:

  • Energies
  • Second batteries
  • Pie: not sure what it’s for?
  • Frequency


  • Unlock planet requirement: Frequency Momint*30
  • Type: Public
  • Goal: Cult (?)
  • What can I do on this planet:
    • Create a cult: 30 Frequency Momint
    • Edit flier: 20 Frequency Momint
    • Sign up a cult: 10 Frequency Momint

Momint is a planet that you can create a cult club lol
Use your imagination to create a club and chat with members!

I create a cult name “DOGS SHOULD RULE THE WORLD“, welcome to join lol

I am still not sure what is the benefit of creating a cult…
But as a believer, you can earn batteries if you give gifts to the cult!!!
If you level up as a believer by sending gifts, you can level up your believer levels on that cult.
When I achieve to believer level 7, you can earn 2-3 batteries whenever you send a gift!
So I think it might be the most efficient way to earn batteries now 🙂


Currently, I am still not sure whether the Infinite Universe has any connection to the main story.
So I’d suggest you just randomly share your thoughts and give support to others without the pressure.
In fact, I didn’t use all the functions but casually try to unlock the Trivial lol

If you have any further suggestions or comments regarding the Infinite Universe or Planets, feel free to leave comments 😀

Thank you:D

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  1. meow

    i got a new frequency earlier for a seasonal planet named Burny or something like that.

    1. Iju Hsu

      hi meow,
      Yes thank u so much for sharing!
      currently the [frequency] i got includes:
      Frequency Vanas, Frequency Mewry, Frequency Crotune, Frequency Tolup, Frequency Cloudi, Frequency Burny, Frequency Pi
      i guess these are the plants we can discover in the future 🙂
      u can check the list, if u didn’t see it, feel free to add comment 🙂

  2. Fifi

    I got a new vision person called vision of self assurance, he has pretty long silver/gray hair. I thought he was from cheritz previous games but nope lol

    1. Iju Hsu

      Thanks! I will update when I get the new vision 🙂

  3. Hana

    I am still so confused on how to follow people on Canals of Sensitivity… is there a button?

    1. Iju Hsu

      hi, click in the post and find the heart-shaped button (usually for giving supports to others)
      there is a toogle button to follow others.

  4. Cryz_wei

    If I had followed writer on Canals of Sensitivity, how do I view their other work?

    1. Iju Hsu

      You can click your name on the top right corner, then you can see your own posts/ppl you followed 🙂

  5. s

    hey i am wondering if any astrology or horoscope thingies are used in the game or in the planet thing?

  6. mina

    can i just ignore planet momint ik its a game but i feel weird thats theres a cult LOL is it necessary to join?

    1. Iju Hsu

      hahaha it’s okay if you don’t join, but the best thing for joingng the cult (?) is that after you reach certain levels, you can earn 3-4 batteries by sending 1 gift.
      It’s the best way to earn batteries now 😉
      But of course, depending on your willingness!