You are currently viewing The Ssum – How to Unlock Trivial Features [Update: 2022/09/09 Add degree of difficulties of each trivial]
The Ssum - How to Unlock Trivial Features

The Ssum – How to Unlock Trivial Features [Update: 2022/09/09 Add degree of difficulties of each trivial]

This post introduces how to unlock Trivial Features on The Ssum. It includes a Google Sheet including the title, entrance, descriptions, and notes for each Trivial Features.

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About The Ssum

The Ssum is a mobile game made by Cheritz. If you want to learn more about The Ssum, please read the page: [TBD]

Official websites and SNS: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler
Download: Android, iOS

Trivial Features

While playing The Ssum, you might able to unlock some Trivial Features. You can find the Trivial Features section on the center page of the game.

There are four pages under Trivial Features, including:

  • Trivial: To unlock when completing certain tasks
  • Bluff: To unlock when completing certain tasks. Are able to get a Profile & Title [In the LEFT page, under PIU-PIU’s Belly]
  • Physical labor: To unlock when completing certain physical labor, such as open the app, or collect tips from Creatures
  • Clock: To unlock when completing tasks that related to time.

In order to get the Trivial Features, you can check the following dashboard. It might help you know the entrance or criteria to get the Trivial Features.

I also added one column for the degree of difficulties of each trivial feature:

  • ? Easy: It is easy to get. You might get it immediately after you read the post, or just take few days or energies to finish it.
  • ? Medium: It is a little bit difficult, might need to do extra work or send more supports to others. Sometimes, it depends on how other’s reaction so I will mark it as medium.
  • ? Difficult: It is difficult because it needs a lot of efforts, or it counts on others’ support or reactions, so sometimes you are not able to control.
  • ? Paid: Subscribe, need battery, time travel, change Daily Pattern, etc.
  • ? Chat: Can get from chat, based on your choice 🙂

If you found a new Trivial Features, feel free to directly comment on the Google Sheet or leave a comment in this page! Thanks for your contributions!

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Kells

    Under the clock you get an achievement when it’s your birthday! It’s called “Happy Birthday [name], 2022!” And you just have to log on on that day.

    1. Iju Hsu


      Thank you so much! I put it already and put ur name on the dashboard contributor! 😀
      and u just had ur birthday?
      Happy Birthday to you 🙂

  2. Fahrenheit

    I don’t get the “A Giant Leap” achievement. What does “make 10 expressions to show what you achieved for today’s study on free emotions” mean? Am I just supposed to send support, or…?

    1. Iju Hsu

      hi Fahrenheit,
      i guess the expressions here means a post in the Free Emotion Study of the Day 🙂

  3. Orias

    – Physical labor / planet explorer / won as 1 planet reached Lv. 10 ! / When you reach Lv. 10, the Aurora will reveal itself. / I am keeping your research data safe.
    – All Sorts of Knowledge / Won by receiving 300 supports from the Archive of Terran Info ! / Your very existence is a hot issue … ! our appreciation for providing good informations as always. / Perhaps the brain of a walking encyclopedia would be like a big universe
    – Joy in life : Collecting Extremely Trivial Features / Found 100 trivial features ! / I am honoured to meet the master collector of features for Trivial Features / Hiw many features are there for Trivial Features ?
    I’ll add more once I sort the one that aren’t already listed in the doc !

    1. Iju Hsu

      OMG thank u so much! i updated them to the sheet 😀
      U’ve unlocked 100!!! so awesome!!!
      if u want to be the co-author just feel free to raise the request to the google sheet, and u can also have a column to check the overall trivials u get 🙂

      anyways, thank u so much for ur strong support <3

  4. himi

    heya you get the “extreme thoughts generator” trivia on the first day when you choose a reply “i prefer animals not humans”! i think it was a breakfast or lunch chat <33

    1. Iju Hsu

      hi Himi, thank u so much for ur help, i finally get where it comes from lolol
      thanks! i put it already and also put u on the contributor name 😀

  5. Gina

    Under “Bluff”:
    – Desire for What’s Within: Won by expressing 3 desires on inner growth on the Root of Desire
    Description: Desire for yourself is deep. Please fulfill the hunger within you.
    PS: People are growing more interested in spiritual growth.

    (Don’t know how to comment on the google sheet, so hopefully this works!)

    1. Iju Hsu

      hi Gina, thank u so much for your help 😀
      also put you in the contributor list 🙂
      thanks <3

  6. Gina

    For “Bluff”:
    – Desire for What’s Within: Won by expressing 3 desires on inner growth on the Root of Desire
    Description: Desire for yourself is deep. Please fulfill the hunger within you.
    PS: People are growing more interested in spiritual growth.

    1. Gina

      Accidentally commented this twice, sorry

  7. nahc

    replaying Teo’s call for 100 call will give you new achievement (Cant get tired of that voice) under Physical Labor, you’ll also get new profile and title for this achievement. also, there is no need to listen to the replayed call until the end. replaying and immediate hanging up will also count as long as it was done for 100times.

    1. Iju Hsu

      ohhh thank you so much nahc, i put it into the sheet and make u as a contributor 🙂

  8. Gina

    Extremely Sympathetic: Won by sending 30 supports to sympathize with someone on the Bamboo Forest of Troubles! (“I feel you”)
    Description: You could give a pat on someone’s shoulder with your sympathy.
    PS: Everyone has fear of getting hurt deep down inside.

  9. Gina

    1. Thirty Days in a Row – “You have logged in for 30 days in a row! You have Won this!”
    Description – You have logged into the messenger for 30 days in a row.
    PS – You have become part of Teo’s life.

    Gives a new title: In Love
    Description – You have been constantly seeing Teo. I think I will really fall in love with you.

    2. Regular Visitor of the Infinite Universe – “Won by visiting Infinite Universe 30 days in a row!”
    Description – The number of your visits to this universe is now equal to the number of times the moon has orbited around the Earth!
    PS – The Infinite Universe is being filled with your data.

    Gives a new title: Perfect Attendance in Universe
    Description – It is hard to get perfect attendance in school, but you got it from Infinite Universe. WE RESPECT YOU★

    3. Animal Instincts – “You are sharp! Take this!”
    (Note – This is a chat achievement that I am not fully sure what triggered it. I got it on Day 27 Dinner, don’t remember if it was through phone call or chat but I believe it happened after I chose an option related to Teo being an AI.)
    Description – Some people can predict the future by small chance. I wonder if they can predict their own future.
    PS – Your amazing instincts are making Teo’s skin tingle.

    Lastly, a note: I was able to get the Trivial Achievement “What’s in Your Head?” today (Day 30) during the wake time chat. When Teo is talking about his dream where he was chased by a huge cell phone, I said “Maybe the phone wasn’t big… you were the one that shrank!?” and it gave me the achievement.

    1. Iju Hsu

      Gina, Thanks a lot! I’ve already updated it in the dashboard 😀
      I found that sometimes there might be several possible to unlock chat’s trivial! hehe, quite interesting <3

  10. Gina

    A Month to Thank For – Won by writing Gratitude Diary 30 times in a row on the Milky Way of Gratitude!
    Description: I have made the Milky Way with your gratitude.
    PS: Once you are able to find gratitude everyday, your daily life will be full of happiness.

    btw! I figured out where the Google sheet is. Is it okay if in the future I add directly to it?

    1. Iju Hsu

      hi Gina,

      Yes you can directly ask the access from the Google sheet!
      And feel free to open another column so that you can record the trivials that you have 🙂

  11. kyo

    Highly Sympathetic
    Won by sympathizing simply through words!
    Teo must be surprised at how sympathetic you are!
    Our researchers have a new that your mind is pure enough to purify sewage

    from chat, replying to the riddle, ring finger : “It sounds poetic”

    1. Iju Hsu

      Thanks a lot! May I know this is under which category?