You are currently viewing The Ssum – Quick Walkthrough [Update on 2023/10/19 Start June’s Phonecall table]

The Ssum – Quick Walkthrough [Update on 2023/10/19 Start June’s Phonecall table]

This post quickly introduces a walkthrough of the basic concept and features of The Ssum. Including the main three pages’ functions, different ways to enjoy the game, the benefit of subscriptions, and some tips.


2023/10/19 June’s Phone Call Table and Private Account (The Ssum – Phone Call Timetable)
2023/09/24 Completed both Teo and Harry’s 200 Day Phone Call Timetable
2023/03/17 Harry’s Phone Call Table and Private Account (The Ssum – Phone Call Timetable)
2023/01/02 Earn batteries on Planet Momint + Harry’s route
2022/09/17 Game process and seasonal planets
2022/09/09 How to get batteries, tips on daily routine, add link: Tips on Day 24 (No Spoilers)
2022/08/22 Teo’s Post, Don’t Buy The Typing Expert Licence
2022/08/20 To-Do List Everyday
2022/08/18 Suggestions for People Who Haven’t Sign-Up

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About The Ssum

The Ssum is a mobile game made by Cheritz. If you want to learn more about The Ssum, please read the page: [TBD]

Official websites and SNS: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler
Download: Android, iOS

The Ssum finally launched on 2022/08/17!
I downloaded the game in the early morning and tried to figure out how to play it.
Indeed, the features are much more complex than Mystic Messenger, but I try to explain what I know right now. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong 🙂

Suggestions for People Who Haven’t Sign-up

Daily Pattern

If you haven’t sign-up The Ssum, here is a quick reminder for you: Please think carefully about your Daily Pattern!
Here is why.

The conversations with Teo are actually based on your Daily Pattern (see more).
Therefore, there are 5 time periods that Teo will chat with you, which are:

  • Wake Time
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Bedtime

Since you cannot edit the Daily Pattern unless you buy a ticket for it; therefore, you need to make sure the time period is long enough for you to complete the conversation. Otherwise, there might be chances that you will miss out on the chatroom.

I would suggest to have at least 2-3 hours for each time period.

For instance, I was a little bit regretful that I put the Wake Time and Breakfast too close, and the Bedtime too late.
So make sure the Daily Pattern fits with your personal life but also remember to make it more flexible.

(but the good thing is… at least I don’t have to wake up at the midnight lol)

Also, you can start a conversation 1 hour before the time period without using any batteries.
And if you haven’t finished the chat but the next chat is about to start (probably after 30 – 45 mins), then the system will immediately end up the current chat and count it as not finished.

What if I cannot join the games on specific days?

If you cannot play games for a while, PLEASE DON’T OPEN THE GAME and the process will freeze on the last chat.
Please refer to the following official answers by The Ssum help center.

Once you log in during the time slot following your last chat, you will be able to continue the chats without missing any content.
(Example: If your last chat was during lunchtime, you will get to continue your dinner chat from the same Day, given that you log in at dinnertime.)

Chertiz Help Center

The Ssum – Three Main Homescreen and Functions

Until now, I have three main screens on The Ssum and each of them have different functions.

Click the homescreen if you want to check more information.

[LEFT homescreen]

Features with Communities

To communicate with users worldwide, and pet your Creatures.

[CENTER homescreen]

Features with Teo/Harry

For people who just want to talk with hot dudes lol You can also change route in Profile

[RIGHT homescreen]


Transfer the Energy to unlock more Planet (for community usage)

The Ssum – Different Ways to Enjoy the Game

Casual Player: I just want to chat with Teo/Harry

If you just want to chat with the hot dude (lol), you can only use the CENTER homescreen to chat and interact with Teo/Harry.
From the present stage, it seems that there is less relevance between the CENTER homescreen and the communities. So you can just simply chat and call Teo/Harry, as playing Mystic Messenger.

Basically, Teo will start a conversation according to your Daily Pattern (you can change it on the Profile).
Therefore, unlike Mystic Messenger dudes who will tell you to go to bed earlier but still chat during midnight, your chat with Teo/Harry will be more routine. You can also check when is the next chatroom from the Message icon.
Before an hour of the scheduled Daily Pattern, you can start the conversation with him. But remember to chat with Teo during the periods!
When chatting with him, sometimes will unlock his Private Account. Here is the overall chat choice and his response in the Private Account: The Ssum – Chat Choice and Private Account

As for Calls, you need to spend [battery] to make an outgoing call. If you want to call him anytime you want, you should subscribe (can subscribe from Aurora Lab).
Sometimes Teo will also call you. Remember to pick it up 😉
To check he will call you or you can call him, please check: The Ssum – Phone Call Timetable

By the way, it seems the game’s contents, phone calls, choices, photos, etc. would be different based on your choices.
So for example, if you want to get the full contents of the Day 24, you might need to play it at least 3 times (see more: The Ssum – Tips on Day 24 (No Spoilers))
So.. be prepared 😉

Explorer: I want to learn more about The Ssum

If you want to explore more about The Ssum then you should know about the [energy].
When you talk with Teo, sometimes there would have a pop-up banner showing you get some [energy]. These [energy] can be used to incubate [frequency], [emotion], [gift], and [creature].

How to do it?

You can click on the RIGHT homescreen, put the [energy] and it might take some time to convert it.
Unless you buy a [flake] from the market, otherwise you can proceed with 3 conversions at once.
You can foresee what kind of [emotion] is producing.

For example, in the figure below, the left flake has a green line beside it, which indicates you can have multiple [emotion] at once (aka overmanufactured). If there is no green line besides, then it is a normal [emotion], which is the Freedom to Be Board. If the flake has a color background (as the second and the third flakes), it means the [emotion] is more special.
Overall, if the converting time is longer, it means it is more special.

If you unlock a certain amount of [emotion] (usually more than 20), it would unlock a new universe so that you can have more chats.

Communicator: Having fun in the community

The community feature of The Ssum is quite impressive. In the community (universe) you can chat and interact with others all over the world.
Every day you can have 10 (subscribers have 15) chances to interact with the post. Feel free to just interact with the posts you feel is good, so that can help them to win energy.

When you get a certain amount of [emotion], the game will unlock a universe.
For example, [emotion] Freedom to be Bored is the most common emotion in the Incubator, and it can unlock the City of Free Men.
To interact in the City of Free Men, you should spend Freedom to be Bored to make an interaction. E.g.,

  • Create your own Lab: 100 Freedom to be Bored
  • Create a new study topic: 50 Freedom to be Bored
  • Upload a new post: 30 Freedom to be Bored
  • Make interaction to a post: above 1 Freedom to be Bored

Therefore, it is quite necessary to convert [energy] to [emotion] in Incubator.

Btw, Teo also participates in the daily discussion in the Free Emotion Study of the Day!
If you want to check his post, you can find the tip in here: The Ssum – Infinite Universe and Planets

The Ssum – Terms


Energy can be converted to [frequency], [emotion], [gift], and [creature] via Incubator.
You can earn energy via:

  • When you chat with Teo/Harry (CENTER homescreen – Chat)
  • At the back of the chip for new trival feature (CENTER homescreen – Trival Features)
  • At free energy charging station (CENTER homescreen – Aurora LAB – Free Energy)
  • By displaying your free emotion from Free Emotion Study of the Day (LEFT homescreen – Free Emotion Study of the Day)
  • By supporting another post on Free Emotion Study of the Day (LEFT homescreen – Free Emotion Study of the Day)
  • From a Creature at the Sunshine Shelter (LEFT – Sunshine Shelter)
  • By taking part in a variety of planet activities (LEFT – Infinite Universe)
  • From the Battery Grinder (RIGHT – Incubator)


Converted by [emotion] via Incubator.
It can be used to unlock a new planet or interact with the post on a specific planet.


You can adopt Creatures via Anti-Gravity Chamber (on the top screen, the hexagon icon).
You can get Creaturs from Incubator or unlock some features. If you want more, then you can buy the Aurora Creature Box Bundle from the Aurora LAB.

Then you use the Sunshine Shelter on the LEFT homescreen to put your Creature under the sunshine! Therefore they can give you gifts from time to time!

The Ssum – To-Do List Every Day

There is a To-Do List you can do every day when you play Ths Ssum.

  • Energy
    • Collect Free Energy – [CENTER homescreen] Aurora LAB – Free Energy: Get energy
    • Take Care of Your Creatures – [LEFT homescreen] Sunshine Shelter: Get fees from Creatures
    • Write Free Emotion Study of the Day – [LEFT homescreen] Free Emotion Study of the Day: Get 10 energy when you write a free post
    • Respond to other’s Free Emotion Study of the Day – [LEFT homescreen] Free Emotion Study of the Day: Might get free energy when you response
  • Self-reflection
    • Vanas Planet – [LEFT homescreen]: They will ask you to reflect one of your Truth
    • Crotune Palnet – [LEFT homescreen]: They will ask you to reflect ten of your dreams
    • Milky Way of Gratitude – [LEFT homescreen]: If you didn’t write the Gratitude Diary every day, you might cost more gratitude emotion to do it.

The Ssum – Game Process and Seasonal Planet

According to different stages of the game, the Seasonal Planet would be different (see more: The Ssum – Infinite Universe and Planets)
You will see a different Teo/Harry, and Teo/Harry’s situation would be also in different stages.

Please remember, the seasonal planets periods of Teo and Harry are different.

Teo’s Seasonal Planet

  • Vanas: Prologue – Day 29
  • Mewry: Day 30 – Day 60
  • Crotune: Day 61 – Day 87
  • Tolup: Day 88 – Day 100
  • Cloudi: Day 101 – Day 126
  • Burny: Day 127 – Day ???
  • Pi: Day ??? – Day ???
  • Momint: Day ??? – Day ???

Harry’s Seasonal Planet


The Ssum – How to get batteries?

If you are a F2P player, you might be wondering how to get batteries.

First of all, there are two types of batteries

  • Main battery
  • Secondary battery: only for subscriber, will refill to 104 every day

Generally, the secondary battery’s usage is the same as the main battery. You can use it to shorten the waiting time while chatting with Teo/Harry, or waiting his phone call.
But it cannot be used to transfer to energy (and I also don’t recommend you to do it) or to read the previous unfinished chat.

So, the main battery is very very important.

Then, how to get the main batteries?

  • Wait for the system maintenance: Cheritz will give you lol
  • Unlock trivial: please check The Ssum – How to Unlock Trivial Features
  • Upgrade planets: post and interact with others on planets and at some levels, it will give you batteries
  • Decompose gifts: when you receive a gift from other players, you can decompose the gift and change it into a battery. But remember, the gift card would be deleted forever, so be careful!
  • Catch blue birds: on the LEFT homescreen, sometimes you will see blue planets floating around the screen, if you click it, you will catch the blue bird. Then sometimes you can get it.
The blue planet above Study Calendar is the blue bird. Click it and release it, sometimes you can get battery.
  • Interact on the planets: when you post on the planets, give supports to others on the planets, sometimes you will get the battery
  • Treat gifts to your god in Planet Momint: In the Planet Momint, you can join cults. When you treat a gift to the cult, you might able to get batteris according to your believer levels. E.g., as a Lv. 7 believer, you can earn 3 batteries when you treat 1 gift to the cult.

The Ssum – Aurora LAB

F2P? Subscription?

As Cheritz did with Mystic Messenger, I believe we can play The Ssum freely.
However, to have a better playing experience, making a subscription would definitely shorten the time of hassles.

The current mode of The Ssum is a monthly subscription.
There are two types of subscriptions. I chose the premium one, Aurora Evolution Package.
I quite enjoy the following features:

  • Making calls: I can call as much as I want. But actually, the Calls are much simpler than Mystic Messenger. But I still make a Timetable for this.
  • Private account: I can check Teo’s Private Account whenever I want (he’s super cuteeeeeeee)
  • Ringtones and Text Tones: similar to Mystic Messenger’s ringtones and text tones, really cuteeeee
  • Special photo: sometimes the gallery photo needs to unlock with batteries. But if you are a subscriber, then you don’t have to pay.

However, if you don’t have that much money, don’t worry! I believe you can still have lots of fun playing it freely!

Don’t Buy the Typing Expert Licence!!!

After the 4th day, Teo’s replies will become slower and slower. Sometimes it even takes 20 minutes to reply.
I think it’s fine. It’s like really chatting with a real person, we don’t always wait in front of the phone and might be busy with something else.
So as long as the time is enough for us to finish the chat especially if you plan your Daily Pattern well, that would not be a problem.

However, if you think the Typing Expert Licence can help you save the waiting time, you’d be wrong! ;_;
I bought it already but it just makes Teo’s reply in the chat bubble quicker, but I still need to wait for him to reply……

So remember, if you want to shorten the waiting time, the only method is using batteries….

Change routes! – Teo vs. Harry

Now Cheritz already release Harry’s route!
You can play with both of them very simply!

Teo – Now have 200 days
Harry – Now have 100 days

How to change route?

Go to the CENTER homescreen, click profile, and on the top right corner of Teo/Harry’s profile photo, you can change the route.
But here are some reminders:

  • You can change routes whenever you want, but on their first day, you need complete the whole first day and switch route start from the second day.
    • Day 1 of Teo/Harry: You cannot change route
    • Since Day 2 of Teo/Harry: You can change route whenever you want.
  • There is no limit to change routes per day.
    • You can chat with Teo on the wakup time and switch to Harry. Then switch back to Teo to continue breakfast chat then switch to Harry’s again.
  • When you change route, the other person’s timeline would not change, unless you are in a different timeline.
    • E.g., On Teo’s Day 5 wakeup time, if I change to Harry’s Day 3 wakeup time, then Teo will freeze on Day 5 wakeup time.
  • If you don’t want to skip chat, you need to go back to the exact same timeline.
    • As the example above, I need to switch back to Teo’s route when I am at wakeup time.
    • If I switch back to Teo on the lunch or dinner, I will skip the chats.
  • The system will remind you the timeline before you switch the routes.
  • For Android users, you might miss a whole day after switching routes. Not sure whether they fix the problems already ;_;

Thank you:D

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  1. Novi

    Thank you so much for this! It made me understand what I don’t know of and clear my worries of the unknown! This helped me finally know the use of different features of the app and finally gave me an idea how can I plan attending all chatrooms from your info on scheduling, waiting time, how many usually are the chatrooms on each of the five periods. This information shows your kindness and generosity! Really a big help. Btw, earlier while browsing the internet for tips I was determined to start tomorrow my The Ssum journey no matter I am holding back because of what I don’t know of the game until I encountered your post which clarified so many things boosting my courage to play it. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this. Hope my claps on each of your The Ssum Guides can help you. Have a great day!

    1. Iju Hsu

      hi Novi,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! it really makes me feel the post is worth it hehe!
      Compared to Mystic Messenger, I feel that Cheritz has a bigger ambition. Not only provides a game, but also helps us to dig into our inner selves and find ppl’s true value.
      However, I can feel how complex the game is hahahaha
      I’m really happy that the game helps you! And hope you enjoy the game, feel free to share more your thoughts after you play 😉

  2. Hi, just want to say that I appreciate your guide!! I also noticed that in day 6 especially now during lunch time Teo disappears for like 3 x 20 mins ? with the aurora subscription do you get enough secondary batteries to overcome this issue? I’m still contemplating whether or not to get it.

    1. Iju Hsu

      hihi 愛,
      i’m happy that u like the guide 😀
      I’m also on the day 6 it’s quite annoying…
      I understand in reality we don’t usually replay that fast but Teo is tooooooo slow lol
      about ur question, since you can have 140 secondary batteries every day, it is quite sufficient to skip most of the long reply! 🙂

      plz, u can save a lot of batteries (now i already have 271 batteries)

  3. Mine

    the game is a bit too complicated for me but I was able to understand with your guidance ^^? thank you very much.  but here is something i don’t understand, i just started the game and finished the first day but the game stayed on bedtime and it says 22 hours to waketime, its currently 10p.m. now ?do you know why?  did i do something wrong?

    1. Iju Hsu

      Hello Mine,
      thank you 😀 I am happy that it helps you!
      And for the 22+ hours problems seems a bug and has been reported by a lot of users already.

      This is the post that related to this issue:

      [Do you still experience at least 20 hours of waiting even after the update…?]
      We have fixed our algorithm so that they will be applied flexibly to a variety of time zones and daily patterns. But in case the error occurs again, please report it to The Ssum Customer Support to help us collect your errors and provide you with a reward. We will do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

      The Ssum Customer Support :

      Feel free to check and if you still the bug, you can send the report to Cheritz, they usually respond within 3 working days. 🙂

  4. Mine

    Thanks for the help? I guess im gonna send the report, have a nice day ?

    1. Iju Hsu

      no worries, hope it can be fixed asap 🙂

  5. Mimi

    Hey, do I have to send a gift in the momit planet or can I just ignore it?

    1. Iju Hsu

      Hi, it depends on you! But after sending a certain amount of gifts, you can reach to higher level.
      I remember that as a Leve 7 cult memeber, you can get 3-4 batteries EVERY TIME you send a gift to the cult. So it is the best way to earn batteries in the game now!