You are currently viewing The Ssum – Tips on Day 24 (No Spoilers)
The Ssum - Tips on Day 24

The Ssum – Tips on Day 24 (No Spoilers)

This post introduces something you need to know before go into the Day 24. It only contains the spoiler of the title.

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The Ssum – Tips on Day 24 (No Spoilers)

About The Ssum

The Ssum is a mobile game made by Cheritz. If you want to learn more about The Ssum, please read the page: [TBD]

Official websites and SNS: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler
Download: Android, iOS

The Ssum – About Day 24

In many cases, the contents, photos, and calls would be different based on your choice.
So on the Day 24, it is very important (or… something you need to know) before you enter the Day 24.

Okay, so the title of the Day 24 is,
Part-Times VS Dating
Which is obvious that you need to choose between letting Teo to do the part time job, or date with him.


If you want to get all the phone calls, contents, and photos on Day 24, you might need to replay it at least 4 times:

  • Part-times
    • Pizza
    • Extra
  • Dating
    • Coffee shop
    • Arcade

What’s the difference between dating and part-times? (a little bit spoilers)

if you want to know what happened on the other route and see whether it worth it to time travel, you can search “Day 24” there are many posts to tell you about it.


You will not get a call on the morning.
During the dating, there would be another choices, which is coffee shop and arcade.

I choose the coffee shop and get photos and calls.
But someone says if you choose arcade you might get something related to MM (no spoilers lol)
So it depends on you! Probably the photos and calls are also different as well…


In the morning you will get a call from Teo, and then there seems no calls until dinner.
There seems also have two options: pizza delivery and extra.
I’m not sure what about the chat contents, so…


Yeah actually idk which route is better.
And if it is true that choosing different route in date options will also lead to different contents, then if you want to collect them all, you need to time travel at least 4 times.

I am curious but I also want to continue my journey with Teo, so I would not use the time travel this time.
But feel free to share 🙂

And if you want to know when to call Teo, or whether the battery choice is worth it, check the dashboard.
The green is the incoming call from Teo, and the orange is the outgoing call to Teo. If there is no call, then it would be marketed as “-“. Also, if the phone call has some specific requirements, then it would be shown in red and the required response is also recorded in the sheet.
Feel free to add comments to the sheet!

Thank you:D

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