You are currently viewing The Ssum – Chat Choice and Private Account [Update: 2023/10/19 June Chat Choice and Private Account]
The Ssum - Chat Choice and Private Account

The Ssum – Chat Choice and Private Account [Update: 2023/10/19 June Chat Choice and Private Account]

This post introduces which choices in the Chat and Calls will make Teo post in his Private Account. It also includes special choices.

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About The Ssum

The Ssum is a mobile game made by Cheritz. If you want to learn more about The Ssum, please read the page: [TBD]

Official websites and SNS: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler
Download: Android, iOS

The Ssum – Chat Choice and Private Account

If you choose a specific choice during the Chat or Calls, then Teo will make a cute post in his Private Account.

However, since I can only know which is the special choice due to the subscription, I am not sure whether Teo posts other things in his Private Account, so you might find the result might be very different.

I would highly recommend you to chat with Teo with your natural reaction.
And check the table unless you want to ensure that you get the special choices.

The Ssum – Special Choices

In the Chat, some options would trigger special occasions, such as unlocking a photo in the Gallery, you can call him, or he can call you.
But if you are not sure whether the battery choice leads to what you want, then you can check the dashboard before you spend your battery!

This is the dashboard.
So.. for example, when you are on Day 4 wake up time. Then you can find the tab of Private account & Special choices below. Find the time you are looking for, as shown below:

The bold means that it’s a battery choice.
However, not all bold choice will give you incoming, outgoing, or gallery photos.
As you can see, there are three battery choices:

  • What do you see right now: This option does not give you any calls, private account contents, or gallery photo
  • Do you make deals with dangerous objects?: This option might give you a gallery photo
  • Open it… I wanna know what it is…: This option opens Teo’s private account

Then, you can decide whether you want to use that choice 😉
Feel free to also add your choices in the following sheet!




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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. Niekke

    We have a long way to go.. It’d be no good if you get used to this so fast!* [Outgoing call]

    What do you mean about this?? If I choose this option I’ll have to call him????

    1. Iju Hsu

      Hi Niekke,
      [Outgoing call] means:
      if you choose that special answer, then you can call him and he will pick up the phone 🙂 Otherwise it would be answering machine i guess?

      1. Jieo

        hi, sorry i’m still confuse about the outgoing call. so because we didn’t choose the special answer it came out as outgoing call?

        1. Iju Hsu

          Hi Jieo,

          Special answer with a phone call icon means, there mihgt have to possibilities after the chat:
          – You can call Teo (outgoing call)
          – Teo calls you (incoming call)

          So if you didn’t choose the special answer, then you might miss one of the calls.
          Hope i answered your questions 🙂

  2. Meitako

    Hey, do you have any tips how to reply teo’s chat to have all of his (free) picture ?

    1. Iju Hsu

      hi Meitako,
      the dashboard includes all the options that he might reply the picture, please check the one with the “Gallery photo” 🙂

  3. SciFi

    Hello! I have Teo’s response to the “letter to ideal person” prompt! It’s:
    “Dear (player username)… I noticed you right away because you’re just like you from my imaginations. I have finally found you.”

    1. Iju Hsu

      Hi SciFi,
      OMG thank u so much for ur help! I put ur name in the contributor list and add it on the sheet <3

  4. Confusad

    Hi… I’m on day 39 and unable to get the incoming wake time call. I didn’t even get the morning song option, so i planned to use a time machine to repeat the day. Do you have guides to get that option? Seems like the table doesn’t work for me (it opens the same table) (i have searched day 39 on the search tab but it doesn’t work too? Idk why)
    Thanks a lot <3

    1. Iju Hsu

      hi Confusad,

      the option is “A morning song!♡*”, but i guess you need to choose “I need more*” before that.
      hope it works for you.

  5. Danny

    Will you be doing a Harry guide too? 😀

    1. Iju Hsu

      hello Danny,
      Yes, but I will do it probably only when I finish Teo’s route, so probably after 90 days lol

  6. Nana

    i have a question, are there any good or bad choice that will impact our relationship with two sometimes j feel like i choosing the “wrong” choices, so i’ve been wondering if our choices impact our relationship (sometimes there will be a heart in between our profil and sometimes just a smiley)

    1. Iju Hsu

      Hello Nana,
      From I heard, there won’t be any bad ending. So the choices would not impact your relationship with Teo 🙂

  7. Ainabellez


    Teo route Day15 Dinner: If you select “Yeah it’s a piece of cake” you will get “Now that’s my girl! Lol So proud!” in his private account. If you select “Call me baby”, you will get “Babe?” in his private account.